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NYC Department of Education


NYC Department of Education's Bronx Arena High School offers a unique educational experience for over-age under-credited students. Students work in an asynchronous, self-paced learning environment, mastering the skills needed to succeed, inspiring them to reengage in school and empowering them with an education that will prepare them for success.

When Bronx Arena approached us to build a technology platform to support this personalized education experience, we jumped at the chance.  The first stage of this project, the student tracker, is now complete and currently being used by instructors, students, and administrators.

Inspired by modern project management software, the Student Tracker enables teachers to  assign curriculum that align with common core competencies, grade assignments, respond to students, and keep track of student progress — all in an asynchronous learning environment. Administrators can build courses, maintain student and instructor data, and analyze data in real time. But most importantly, the Tracker empowers students by giving them the opportunity to select appropriate tasks and keeping them informed about their progress.