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WeeFly Outdoor Gaming

Imagine your in a crowded line at a stadium concession stand or just passing by a Sports Bar on the street. There is a game on an outdoor display and you can join the fun by simply opening your mobile web browser.  The game will recognize you joined in and start a countdown to encourage others to join. Based on the game rules, customized messages can be sent directly to the players in real time. And all this is possible without even having to install an app.

Join the Game

Simply navigate to a URL or scan a QR code to join the game and the player controller will be displayed on your mobile web browser. The game display will start a countdown while waiting for other players to join.


Play the Game

Once the countdown is complete, swipe your finger on the game controller. The football will be kicked based on the direction and length of your swipe. You'll get 3 tries to make a field goal and if other players joined game, the first person to get 3 field goals wins.





Winner's Screen

And the winner will receive a direct message to their mobile browser. The winner's screen is fully customizable whether it's displaying a coupon code, sweepstakes opt-in or even sharing to your social network.




We are able to incorporate this experience to special events, in-store displays and outdoor installations.
Feel free to email us at info@kittyhawk.dev